Founded in 2011 by Kevin and Jennifer Branson, we are a lay Catholic apostolate dedicated to leading all people into the fullness of Truth found in the Catholic Church under her Supreme Pontiff, the Successor of St. Peter, who holds and keeps the Keys of the Kingdom (Claves Regni) of Heaven as the Vicar of Christ.

Please e-mail info@clavesregni.com for more information and to have Kevin and Jennifer speak with you and your group.

Kevin presents at St. Ann’s Church

On February 1, 2012 Kevin Branson gave this talk on the Liturgy of the Hours at St. Ann’s Church in Augusta, Michigan.

Kevin at St. Ann

Part II: Year of Faith Series

Part I: Year of Faith Series


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next TV episode of KEYS OF THE KINGDOM will air on Sunday, Feb 24th at Noon on NBC TV6 in Upper Michigan. It is the second episode in our 4 part series on the Year of Faith and will focus on the second “moment”: The Liturgy of the Word. Please tune in!

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