Claves Regni Ministries

We are a lay Catholic apostolate founded in 2011 and dedicated to leading all people into the fullness of truth found in the Catholic Church under her Supreme Pontiff, the Successor of St. Peter, who holds and keeps the Keys of the Kingdom (Claves Regni) of Heaven as the Vicar of Christ.

Northern Apostle Radio

“Only One Thing is Necessary”

Northern Apostle Radio, with Bishop Frederic Baraga as our patron and intercessor, is a lay radio apostolate dedicated to proclaiming the fullness of Christian truth found in the Catholic Church as taught by the Pope and the bishops united with him. Northern Apostle Radio strives to continue Bishop Baraga’s heroic efforts in a New Evangelization to bring all souls to Christ.

WNOA-LP has a state-of-the-art studio for live programming capability, and the ability to air Mass and other events from St. Peter Cathedral.

Follow Northern Apostle Radio, WNOA 103.9 FM, on Facebook. Call us at 906-662-9005, or email us at



You can support Claves Regni Ministries and Northern Apostle Radio through monthly or one-time donations. All financial support is greatly appreciated.

Board of Directors

Claves Regni Ministries is governed by its board of directors. More information about each board member can be found here.

Episcopal Approval

Claves Regni Ministries is an officially approved Private Lay Association of the Christian Faithful, by the decree of the Bishop of Marquette.