Northern Apostle Radio


“Only One Thing is Necessary”

Northern Apostle Radio, WNOA 103.9 FM, with Bishop Frederic Baraga as our patron and intercessor, is a lay radio apostolate dedicated to proclaiming the fullness of Christian truth found in the Catholic Church as taught by the Pope and the bishops united with him. Northern Apostle Radio strives to continue Bishop Baraga’s heroic efforts in a New Evangelization to bring all souls to Christ.

Marquette’s Catholic radio station went on the air on Dec. 16, 2014. Eighteen months earlier, the first seed had been planted for Catholic radio, and God worked miracles to bring it about! The FCC awarded WNOA-LP a construction permit in January 2014. With the help of two local faithful engineers, Northern Apostle Radio began building. By April 2015, WNOA-LP had a state-of-the-art studio for live programming capability, and the ability to air Mass and other events from St. Peter Cathedral.

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