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Become an Underwriter

To become an underwriter for Northern Apostle Radio, download the Underwriter Package, and mail it to Northern Apostle Radio WNOA-LP 103.9 FM, P.O. BOX 476, Marquette, MI 49855.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows non-commercial stations such as Northern Apostle Radio to thank businesses for tax deductible donations with short on-air acknowledgements. Recognition of those gifts on-air is referred to as an underwriting message.

Why Underwrite?

By underwriting Northern Apostle Radio programming, you are doing something good for your business and the community.
Underwriting at Northern Apostle Radio presents an opportunity for Catholic and non-Catholic business owners to actively and publicly lend their financial support before an audience that covers greater Marquette.
Underwriters are afforded an enhanced public image. Loyal listeners greatly value, recognize and will support the investment made by local businesses in support of their Catholic radio station.

FCC Underwriting Guidelines

Clear guidelines make for a good message. A combination of FCC and Northern Apostle Radio guidelines ensure that the message brought forth is clear and concise.

FCC underwriting guidelines dictate that all public radio stations must refrain from using underwriting language which contains:
1. Calls to Action (words such as call, stop by, or phrases prompting action)
2. Reference to Price (e.g., actual price, free, on sale)
3. Superlatives (e.g., best, greatest, most reliable)
4. Inducements to Buy (rent, sell, or lease)
5. Comparative Language (e.g., award-winning, board-certified)

Northern Apostle Radio Underwriting Guidelines

1. Other than accepted slogans, words such as “you,” “your,” “our,” and “we” are not permitted. They may be interpreted by listeners as a personal statement on the part of Northern Apostle Radio.
2. Northern Apostle Radio will comply with all FCC underwriting guidelines without exception; non-compliance subjects the station and staff representative to severe penalties.
3. Northern Apostle Radio reserves the right to decline underwriting requests for any reason, at its sole discretion, in particular if the station perceives a conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church or the mission of Northern Apostle Radio. All underwriting copy is subject to approval by the station.

Sample Message

Partial support for Northern Apostle Radio’s programming comes from Holy Cross Cemetery of Marquette. Holy Cross Cemetery can create a headstone or memorial marker to remember a loved one. Holy Cross Cemetery can be reached at 906-225-0191 or www.holycrosscemetery.com.


Download the Underwriter Package